TLR’s unique learning methodology is designed for use both in and out of the classroom. The lessons function independent of one another, and offer unsurpassed flexibility. You learn exactly what you want, when and where you want.

Simplicity Whether you’re a first time computer user or an expert, you won’t waste time trying to understand technical jargon. Step-by-step instruction leads you through lessons without confusion.

Precision Lessons are brief and to the point. Skill-based exercises allow you to apply new skills in 45 minutes or less – retention is dramatically improved.

Flexibility Each lessons operates on its own. Simply choose the skill you need to learn, master it and move on.

Convenience Lessons are designed for self-paced learning – learn what you want, where you want, when you want.

Versatility Our unique design accommodates both the single computer user and large groups in all environments.

Even with all the computer training available, people are starving for better and more efficient.

With an eye on the needs of the customer, TLR has identified this need and continuously provides solutions. Our versatile products can be used by many markets: retail, education, small business, home office and corporate environments. The broad spectrum of usability includes:

  • In the classroom as an instructor-led tool
  • As part of an educational course curriculum
  • For self-paced training at home
  • As a workplace training tool
  • For reference in any desired capacity, whether it is for personal use, business use, or even to support customer service representatives at call centers


Each guide is written to assume the user has no prior software skills. The simplistic delivery allows users to quickly learn with the greatest of ease. Regardless of your skill level, you will learn the most skills in the least amount of time.