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Which training guide is best for your environment?

Get Going training guides provide you with instruction to learn the basic skills of the software application. Get Going guides are used worldwide by independent trainers, training centers, resellers and end users that are looking for approximately 6 – 8 hours of

QuickBooks instruction

. Because each lesson module is self-contained, you can easily customize course content, class days, class duration and so on.

Keep Going training guides are used in the same learning environments as our Get Going guides; however, they provide instruction on the more advanced features of the software application. Keep Going guides are used as a continuation to Get Going guides, or for the experienced user looking to expand their knowledge of the software application.

Get Smart training guides are designed specifically for academic use. They are used by college and university professors who require 16+ hours of instruction for their students. Our Get Smart series offers guides for both the student and the instructor. Instructor guides contain helpful hints and facilitation tips at the onset of each lesson. When used together, Get Smart Instructor and Student guides provide a complete classroom solution.

Coming Soon! Industry-Specific QuickBooks Guides We are in the process of developing QuickBooks training guides with information specifically designed for your type of business. For more information, please contact us.

Training Guide Development and Customization Looking for a training guide to meet your needs? TLR can customize any training guide by rearranging lessons, adding or deleting content, or combining lessons from more than one course title. TLR can also develop training tailored to proprietary computer software. Call TLR today to discuss your options.