Get Started with QuickBooks Online Academic Year 2022-2023 – Instructor Edition


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Course Description

In this textbook, learners will be introduced to Intuit’s cloud accounting software program, QuickBooks Online (QBO). Using a fictitious company called Luxury Lodging, Inc, students will learn how to navigate the QBO interface. We cover basic accounting, how to set up a new company, how to customize the chart of accounts and products and services list. In addition, students will learn how to give other users, such as accountants access to their data. In the sales center chapter, students will learn how to invoice customers and stay on top of accounts receivable balances. In the vendor center chapter, students will learn how to enter bills and expenses from vendors as well as stay on top of the accounts payable balances. The final chapter in the textbook is a final project that encompasses the key topics covered in this course. Refer to the table of contents below for a detailed list of topics covered in this textbook.

Get Started with QuickBooks Online Academic Year 2022-2023 Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1: Introduction
  2. Chapter 2: An Overview of QBO and Navigation Basics
  3. Chapter 3: Accounting Basics
  4. Chapter 4: Setting up a New Company File
  5. Chapter 5: Managing the Chart of Accounts List
  6. Chapter 6: Managing the Products & Services (Items) List
  7. Chapter 7: Managing Users
  8. Chapter 8: The Sales Center
  9. Chapter 9: The Vendor Center
  10. Chapter 10: 1099 Tracking and Reporting
  11. Chapter 11: Managing Bank and Credit Card Accounts
  12. Chapter 12: Creating Financial Reports
  13. Chapter 13: Entering Historical Data and Opening Balances
  14. Chapter 14: Final Project: Putting it All Together
  15. Appendix A: Intuit Certified User Online Certification Objectives (PDF download only)
  16. Appendix B: QuickBooks Online Shortcuts (PDF download only)

Getting Access to a Free Trial of QuickBooks Online (QBO)

In order to complete the practice exercises throughout this textbook, students will need access to a free trial of the QBO software. Instructors can give their students access to a free trial of QuickBooks Online through the Intuit Educator Portal.

If you don’t have access already, instructors will need to apply for access to the Intuit Educator Portal. After gaining access to the portal, you will be able to set students up with a QBO trial account that is good for 1 year. Instructions on how to apply for access to the instructor portal is included in Chapter 1 of this textbook. Students, you will not be able to get access to a trial account without being enrolled in an approved QuickBooks course.

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